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much you pay. talk to a tax adviser or cpa. five, mixing personal and business expenses. avoid trouble by establishing a company account from the start and a maintain separate records the. >>> it if you primarily use gis mail, we can turn your in box into a tool. organizing your client relationships right from gmail. stay on top of your sales, group e-mail from the same customers, and schedule e-mails to send later without having to switch back and forth between gmail and a different system. you can share selective parts of your inbox with your team and track work flow. >>> our next guest says that customers are changing the way that business is getting done. he sees a massive shift in customer expectations. and businesses are going to have to be extremely relevant in order to survive. here to talk about different ways in had which you can meet your customers' growing expectations is our good friend, creator and host of the weekday radio program the small business advocate show, and the author of the new book "the age of the customer: prepare are for the moment of relevance." great to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1